UDPATE: Summer, 2007: Here are some studio shots taken of the "Godzillabretta", with custom name badges I designed and had manufactured by Moira Parker Roe of Badgemaker Deluxe.
For the Story of this scooter (which used to belong to Billy Zoom of the 80's band "X"), along with "Before", "During" and "After" pics of the restoration of this scoot, scroll down, below.

Background: In March 2002, I got an e-mail addressed to several scooterists asking if anyone wanted this scooter for free (otherwise, the guys wife was gonna have him throw it away at the town dump). I answered the e-mail before anyone else, and it got dropped off at my house for the price of a 12pack of Foster's! Once into the scooter, it was discovered that this was a rare 1968 Serveta Eibar 200, that had all Italian SX200 internals, since it was the first year Servetas were made. So, basically, it was an Italian SX200, just re-badged for the new Serveta line from Spain. Serveta parts, in subsequent years, were manufactured in Spain. The following pics are from the day it was dropped off, fresh from being in a backyard for 9 years...

August, 2002: Frame and components custom-painted with a cross two-color fade. It goes from a "Godzilla Green" at the bottom, into a "Nuclear Yellow" at the top; project shelved for several years after this point, but not forgotten

January-February, 2006: "Godzillabretta" project revived; assembly and restoration begun and completed at Fullerton Vintage garage, by Christopher Lawrence

July 2006: Phase One of the customization complete. Custom "Godzillabretta" graphics and 1 badge added. Custom engine and suspension enhancements added.