So, it's the early 1980's in So Cal. You were either a Punk, Preppie, Metalhead, Surfer, GDI, Nu-Wave geek, or a Mod...

If you were a Mod, Southern California was a great place to be: the music scene was great, people were cool, and everyone rode scooters.

The Music and the scooters seemed to go together hand in hand. On any given show day, you could catch at least 30 to 50 scooters parked in front of the Dancing Waters Club in San Pedro, or Fender's in Long Beach, let alone one of the Hollywood clubs. Some scooter rallys were even centered around the music back then (gee, what a concept!).

This section will have links to photos and/or articles from that fun era and will continue to grow as I gather more material. If you have any scanned pics, flyers, articles that you'd like to contribute, please e-mail them to I'll give ya full credit for whatever you send my way. Thanks a lot! --- Mario

So Cal Scooter Riders Rally flyer:
Ride to see Quadrophenia
from Scooter Ville
"Hip Stores" Ad
from G.S. magazine
Best Dressed Scooter:
San Diego (1985)
Article on the
Lambretta Club Great Britain
from G.S. magazine (1986)
Interview with
The Untouchables

from G.S. magazine (1986)
Mod Bird
Fashion photo - 1985
(enlarged fm left)
(Scooter) Back Cover
of "Getting Started"

Issue Three (1986)
Gig flyer:
The Untouchables, with
The Question & No Doubt

at The Roxy
Gig flyer:
The Last, Direct Hits &
The Question?

at Madame Wong's West
The Crush Bar
New Location
Grand Opening flyer
Gig flyer:
The Key, &
The Skinny Little Runts

at Gino's
Gig flyer:
The Toasters, Donkey Show,
Skeletones, Citizen X,
FEA Members, Big Express
Gig flyer:
6 Band Warfrat Night
at The Music Machine
Gig flyer:
Chardon Square, The Question?,
J-Walkers, The Indirections,
The Key, Big Express
@ Fender's
Gig flyer (1987):
No Doubt on Thanksgiving Eve
with Big Express, The Crooks,
& The Exception
@ Fender's
Scooter Ride/Gig flyer (11/13/1987):
Ska Explosion '87
at KIX (Grand Central Station)
Cover of
"Getting Started"

(So Cal Mod scene 'zine)
Issue One (1985)
Flyer for
The Soul Shack
in Hollywood
Flyer for
at the Cavern
Gig flyer:
Mod Night @ Black Radio
w/ The Question?, Skinny Little Runts,
Nonsense & The Stiletto's
Cover of
"Topping Up"

(So Cal Mod scene 'zine)
Issue Two
Credits: these images courtesy
of Dan and Babette Rickard


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