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Oil Mix
Starting The Engine
Running In A New Machine
Stopping The Motor


1/2 pint of SAE 30 oil should be mixed with every gallon of petrol.


Ensure there is enough fuel in the tank and switch on by turning the petrol tap downwards. Select neutral in the gearbox, flood the carburetor slightly and, if the engine is cold, depress the chole control, and with the throttle slightly open operate the kickstart. The kickstart can be operated from the sitting position by using the heel of the shoe with the toe facing outwards. When standing beside the machine, use the toe of the shoe with the foot at right angles to the machine. Once the engine is running, disengage the choke control by pulling the lever up.

If the engine refuses to start it may be due to over flooding the carburetor and the following procedure may be adopted:

1) Select 2nd gear, pull the clutch lever in and run the nachine a short distance and at the same time release the clutch so that the wheel is turning the engine. This will cause the engine to fire.

2) If the above operation does not succeed, remove the spark plugs. If they cannot be changed, clean and dry them thoroughly and replace. Once the engine is running, disengage the clutch by pulling the lever in and select 1st gear. Open the throttle gradually and at the same time release the clutch and move off. Changing into a higher gear is a matter of closing the throttle and at the same time pulling the clutch in and engaging a higher gear by depressing the rear of the rocking gear pedal and so on, until top gear is reached. To change to a lower gear, close the throttle but not completely, pull in the clutch lever and depress the gear pedal with the toe, and so on to 1st gear. Neutral is situated between 1st and 2nd gears.


To ensure maximum performance the running in period must be carefully maintained. The machine will not be capable of more than 30 miles per hour for the first few hundred miles. All new machines are governed bya stop in the carburettor to keep the engine speed reasonably slow for the first 700 miles. Consequently, the throttle stop must not, ON ANY ACCOUNT, be removed before 700 miles have been completed, OTHERWISE THE GUARANTEE WILL BE MADE VOID.

When the throttle stop has been removed by the dealer, full throttle should not be used until 1,000 miles. Then, gradually build up speed with short periods at full throttle. Do not keep the throttle open for long periods until the engine is fully run-in, otherwise there is a danger of siezing the engine.


Engage neutral ger and press the cut-out button, or, on later models, remove the ignition key.

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