Moto Rumi Club - worldwide Moto Rumi Club website, source of most of the info on this site!!
Rumi: contest winner! - pic of Tony Garbarino winning 2nd place in a Vintage Scooter Show, May 6, 2000
Rumispecialparts - comprehensive information on the modern racing Team Rumi and performance part
Max's Formichino Scooter Page - webpage showing pics of Max's 1958 Rumi Formichino
Mario's Rumi Formichino - pics of my 1958, rare 150cc prototype Rumi Formichino (pictured above)
Classic Motors listings - page of links about vintage cycles, scooters and the companies who made them
Rumi 125 Sport
- article about the innovative Rumi 125 Sport motorcycle, based on same Formichino technology
Les Rumis - A French website, celebrating the Rumi
Rumi restoration - in French as well, but good pics of a Rumi restoration

And, there is no online link to this, but here is the info for the Registro Storico Rumi (or the Italian Historic Rumi Registry)
c/o Riccardo Crippa Via Palma il Vecchio, 3 - 24100 Bergamo BG - Tel. 035.217579 - Fax 035.226450

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