Mario's 1958 150cc Rumi Formichino

From Michael & Eric Dregni's "Motorscooter Buyer's Guide":

"Moto Rumi's Formichino scooter was one of the greatest scooters ever made. Based on the firm's 125cc horizontal engine and a cast aluminum chasis, the Little Ant was light, powerful and quick - top speeds of 65 mph were typical. And it is perhaps the one motorscooter respected by motorcyclists --- probably because it could melt the paint off many 250cc mototrcycles of the era with its amazing horizontal two-cylinder two-stroke 125cc engine."

" 1958, Rumi advertised a 150cc Formichino based on a bored 125cc engine, according to Ricardo Crippa's "Rumi: La moto dell' artista". Bore and stroke was 46x45mm, producing 9hp at 6500rpm; whether the 150cc Formichino went into production or remained a prototype is not known."

Rumi used to chrome their late prototype production models, which is what this one is (150cc all chromed version); from what I've learned through the worldwide Moto Rumi Club, this is a very rare scooter...AND, she runs, and runs very strong!!

SIDE NOTE: This scooter won "BEST VINTAGE SCOOTER" at the Orange Crush Rally, May, 2002!!!

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